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My Take on Japanese Bishonen Boyband ARASHI

Konnichiwa! You may probably know about them and maybe not but this group of really pretty boys from Japan are one of the most widely known boybands in their history and their name is Arashi.
Arashi, according to Wikipedia, is a boy band that has been made in 1999. The group is composed of 5 members all of whom can sing, dance, and as a requirement are drop dead gorgeous. ^_^
I came to know about this band while watching a jdorama entitled “Yamada Tarou Monogatari (The Story of Yamada Tarou)” where the lead role is Yamada Tarou played by Ninomiya and the friend of Tarou, Sugiura is played by another guy in Arashi (I don’t know the name Waiii). So basically what I’m saying is that I didn’t really know about the band while I was watching the show. For me I was just watching a drama where this absolutely cute guy was incredibly smart and unbelievably frugal at the same time because his family is poor. So at episode 5 (I guess) there was an inserted promotion that the program was giving away some soundtracks of the show.. I usually just skip those parts coz I want to finish watching the dvd quick coz it just borrowed from my best friend Leonisa. But one time when my sister, Mayel was watching the episode she didn’t skip the part. The promo was made by Sugiura and Tarou while each of them was holding a copy of the album and they said that the album was made by them, Arashi.
So once we found out they were a boyband, thus started our search for the songs and videos and whatnots that concerned Arashi. Especially when we found out that Jun Matsumoto (from Gokusen, Hana Yori Dango etc) was also a part of the boy band. Mostly, I was wondering what he looked like while singing and dancing heehee.
My favorite songs from Arashi would be Happiness, Sakura Sae and One Love. ^_^ heehee
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Well, that’s that ja ne