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Update: I'm now a Promo Girl

It's not what you think!
Hahaha XD

I just want to post about my recent luck in promos. Since I'm a girl, and I joined a lot of promos/raffles, I am now a Promo Girl. bwahaha

Just last week, January 21, I joined my first promo/raffle online.
It's the BDJ Box 7 day challenge promo, where I wrote an entire weeks worth of feedback from using the covergirl products. And I won! That was announced January 23.

After that, I joined a bunch of other contests on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, all on the same day January 23.

Come Monday, January 26, I found that I won a Blackhat premium item from United International Pictures! Aww Yeah!

When Tuesday rolled in, January 27, I got word that I won 2 movie tickets to watch Into the Woods from PLDT!

It's crazy! These things really do make you happy. hahaha
That's how I won 3 promos in a span of 7 days.

I'd like to thank my mentor in all promo techniques, because she is my inspiration.
I hope to win as much promos as she does someday.

Signing off for the day! :)