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Review: Skin White PowerWhitening Face Cream Powder

Here's a review of the Skin White PowerWhitening Face Cream Powder from Sample Room.

Okay, this is a weird product for me. It completely baffles me why you want something like this on your face. I'm weirded me out because it's a cream that once applied on your face dries up and turns powdery! I don't know. I tried it several times and most of the time when I apply it on my face the liquid dries too quickly that the powdery area is not blended well enough on my face. I found it hard to use and once I did get to apply it and blended it successfully, it didn't make that much "whitening" effect on my face. It did however make my skin feel smoother, because of the powder. But the hydration and whitening properties are questionable. Not the product for me. I'd rather use a liquid foundation, blend it before it dries then apply the powder after for a smooth finish. But thanks to Sample Room for the sample, now I know I won't be buying this product.