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Texas Roadhouse Grill: A Disappointing Taste of Texas

Last night, we went to try out the fare at Texas Roadhouse Grill in Shangri la East Wing.
I wasn't expecting much, but by the amount of people at the place, one would assume that the food was good. 

I had a 500 peso voucher from Deal Grocer for this restaurant, so we had to limit the orders to something less than a thousand. 

We chose 2 dishes:
Cheesy Pork Steak - P410

Loaded Texas Nachos - P 310
The ambiance was pretty good. It reminds me of Outback Steakhouse and PUBliko. Wooden tables and chairs, and the walls were littered with cowboys/western style decorations.
The servers were really nice, and gave us a bowl of peanuts while we were waiting for our food.

The first thing to arrive were the nachos.
The nachos were crisp, cheese was still warm, and bacon was crispy. It was pretty delicious.
I kept eating the nachos and the cheese and was quite happy with it, until I tried it with the SOUR CREAM.
Here's the disappointing part, the sour cream was already bitter and it had this awful smell to it.
I asked our server to have it checked, and the manager came out to say it was the normal taste of a sour cream sauce. I wanted to ask him to try it himself, but they already took it. -_-
Anyway, they replaced it with ranch dressing, and it was okay.

Next was the cheesy pork steak.
I was looking forward to that one since I was quite famished.
It was supposed to be my first decent meal of the day.
We had the serving split into two since the portions were quite big.
I was happy when I saw that cheese melted on top of the porkchop, with fresh veggies on the side.
But then I smelled it. It smelled awful. I was like
"is the pork they're using old??
Double u tee efff.!!!"
I tried drowning it in ranch dressing. It helped a bit. The taste was so so , nothing too notable.
I can make a better pork chop at home. -_-

When the server asked how our food was, I told her that the pork was smelly.
She explained that they were using Swiss cheese, and some kind of herb (I forgot the name of the herb though). She asked if the taste was fine, I said it was oh kaay.
So my sister tried to separate the cheese from the pork. And it was obvious. It really was the cheese that made it smelly. I hope they just used regular cheese, coz the smell just made me lose my appetite.

Total Bill: P 802 for 2 pax
Only paid 302 - Deal Grocer voucher value was P 500.

Good points:
The servers were nice, and attentive
The portions were big
The nachos were fantastic

Bad points:
The place smells of paint, because there's a nearby construction (a shop was being built within the mall)
The peanuts were hard (I prefer the peanuts soft)
The sour cream they served was bad
The swiss cheese they added on the pork was smelly as hell
The price of the food was not worth it

Final Score: Nope!
I'm never going back here again.

Thanks for reading!