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Book of the Month: The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice

I ve been reading this book for several weeks. Ive just finished reading Interview with the vampire last month and this book is the sequel. What can I say, this book is AWESOME!!!
Its the story of Lestat de Lioncourt or more wide known just as the Vampire Lestat. He was the maker of Louie in the Interview with the Vampire, and this book is the story of how Lestat became a vampire. I just love the story of vampires, I dunno.
Ive read three books so far that is written by Anne Rice, 1st is Blood and Gold(the story of the vampire Marius), 2nd is Belinda (Just a novel. Its not in the vampire chronicles), 3rd is Interview with the Vampire (Mostly the story of Louie)
All vampire related stories are just fascinating to me, Twilight, Vampire Chronicles, and Angel. ^_^ Im looking forward to finishing this book and move on to the next book in the Vampire Chronicles of Anne Rice, which is the Queen of the Damned.