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Favorite Book: Kapitan Sino by Bob Ong

This Book is the 7th book of the widely known Pinoy Author Roberto Ong.. aka Bob Ong heehee
And I Love IT!!! Its absoltutely amazing!!

Okay, so this book is about Rogelio who is just a regular repairman i mean electrician who does pretty good with his job. Too good in fact. The reason is because he has a super power, an ability to control electricity. When bad events started happening Rogelio used his power to help out. After that people were calling the hero Kapitan Sino (or Captain Who?) Wonder why the title was Kapitan Sino? because nobody knew him yet everybody knew him!

This book involves a lot of the issues of the society and not just in our country but can be applied in the whole world. It has humor and romance as well. The saddest part for me was the ending. Ahhh.. cant help but cry at the end.. sooo tragic.. but the truth is that most of the stuff in this book is true in the real world. I hope more people will be able to read this book, and possibly see themselves in it and how they can change for the better..

Overall, Kapitan Sino is an entertaining, tear-jerking, thought provoking book that you wont put down until you have read every single page and you'd want to read all over again.. haha
Great job BobOng-sama!! This is your best one so far!