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Right now, Im a Maid.. My Rants and Raves on stuff that I do at home

Three Months after my graduation and I have become the official maid of our house. I’m the one that cleans the house, cooks the food, washes clothes and washes dishes etc. I’m also the typist that has to encode the grades or stuff of my dear parents who are both teachers in their respective schools. If you enumerate these things they may seem trifle and meaningless, but these are all that Ive been doing for the past few months and Im telling you it is VERY VERY TIRING!!

I have to wake up at 4am to prepare breakfast for my brother and father who must leave by 5:30. I have to clean the dishes and the house after wards, then in just a couple more hours I have to cook for lunch. Once I’m done cooking lunch I have to deliver it to my mom at her school and we eat lunch there. After that I have to clean up what was used for cooking lunch. Only then can I watch movies, or do whatever, When 2 o’clock strikes, I must stop watching and do something else or just go to sleep. Why? Because I cant really watch movies when my father is around and he comes home at that time. When I wake up by 7pm, I am also the one that cleans up after dinner. I get to sleep again by 1am and I wake up by 4am again to start another day with the same routine. Phew! Don’t get me wrong though it’s not really everyday that I do this just weekdays, weekends I have a day off, some times I sleep over Leonisa’s House. When I’m there, I’m not a maid I’m a guest. So I’m pretty much at ease. We just hang out, watch some anime, yaoi, and jdorama and eat a lot of food. So its all fun. ^_^ I love going there and the breeze at night is really cool, its like you’re in the province. When I get home its maid mode all over again. But somehow its alright coz when you cook food for the family and they like it then it feels nice. I’m starting to get used to being a maid, I might even make it a profession. Heehee, but don’t worry, I still know a lot of what Ive learned at school. Its not like it has dissolved or anything. So, when I start in a job, which should be soon, I could easily switch to worker mode instead of maid mode. ^_^