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Almost a teacher, so close and yet so far.. ^_^

I almost landed a teaching stint at STI-Las PiƱas 2 weeks ago July14. First I was informed of the job by my former Thesis adviser and Department head in FEATI, Mam Jovy. She told me that there is a vacancy for a multimedia teacher and she recommended me to the post. Then the next day, Mam Cabaccan, the head of the IT at STI-LP called me to come on July 14 for an interview. So I went there and she already said that I will start the following week, I also filled up the forms needed. Unfortunately on Wednesday, July 16, Mam Cabaccan suddenly texted me that I was rejected by the COO of the school. They said that they need someone with lots of experience and not a fresh grad like me. So there. I actually liked the idea of being a teacher. Coz both my parents are teachers. But anyway, if it’s not for you then its not for you. ^_^