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My singing sucks, I want to play the violin instead!

It has always been a dream of mine to be able to sing well. You know, Amy Lee-ish or Regine Velasquez-ish. But whatever song I do, I just end up singing in flat tones. Or I just don’t hit the note right at all. I mean it’s not really easy for one to sing, especially me. But hey, you wont know unless you try and practice makes perfect right?... I believe that my voice is not necessarily bad, just not good enough. I mean I can sing a bit but when the song drags on I just lose my voice. I can’t maintain my voice as it is when I just start singing until the end of the song, I dunno why. Maybe something’s wrong with my vocal chords or something or maybe my lungs can’t get enough air. I’m not sure. There was this person featured in I-witness on GMA7 that lost his voice, his vocal chords due to smoking. I mean it’s really gone. The guy can only talk through an electronic larynx. But with that thing his words come out like a robot. Man, people are really stupid when they are smoking. They don’t know what harm they are doing to their body because of it. All they know is that it is cool to smoke and that it is addictive. But hey I don’t smoke so I don’t really care bout them.
So, my vocal chords have deteriorated through time because I always drink cold stuff. And cold drinks are not good for vocal chords, so whatever the level of singing I’m at before, I just got demoted. So my new dream right now is to be able to play the violin. ^_^ It has always been a dream, ever since I saw the movie of Queen of the Damned where Lestat was playing his violin, and when I saw Vic Zhou of F4 pretend to play it in Meteor Garden. Lately Ive gotten the motivation from Nodame Cantabile, coz Tamaki just looks really hot while playing the violin.. I wonder if I will ever be able to play that well. Master Diwa, can you teach me? Ehehehe
I just need the money and the time and I will be able to do it. Right now I don’t have either, so I will just have to wait. But its something that I will really hold on to and I will not let go until I fulfill my dream of playing the violin. ^_^