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Fave Anime of the Month of July: Jyu Oh Sei

Jyu oh Sei is a quaint story of Toru(or just Thor, I dunno, the pronunciation was Toru though). He is a boy who needs to be the Jyu Oh Sei (Beast King of the World??) to be able to get back to his own planet. Yah whatever, the story doesn’t make sense, really but what made this anime my favorite is because of the characters, they just look so hot!! Heehee Especially Third!! Its like its Vision of Escaflowne all over again, and this time Dilandau is the lead role while Van is just a supporting role. Heeheee Another thing that makes this anime my fave for the month is because of the opening theme song “How deep is Your Heart” by Koichi Domoto. Listening to it makes me have goosebumps waiii..I also took a look at the video of the song, a bit disappointing compared to the anime opening but I guess its ok, you can see it on Youtube of course.
Another Note: Its my fave for the past 2 months, coz I haven’t really watched any other anime series as of late. Im itching to watch the other anime Ive borrowed from Leonisa but I still want to watch the movies, so Im kind of in a dilemma.. Hay naku..
Well that’s all 4 now.. Ja ne