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I just took the Civil Service Professional Exam, I hope I pass *Sigh*

So it’s the month of July and at the end of the month on July 27 the exam of Civil Service for Professionals has commenced. (Weird wordings huh??..) I have applied for the exam 2 months ago, that was May. And I haven’t reviewed a single word since. I didn’t review at all, but they said it would be easy so I just went with what I already know. But unexpectedly before the day of the exam, like 2 days before that I suddenly got sick, my most common sickness as of late, Tonsilitis. Not really sure why though. I was drinking cold stuff everyday and then I get sick 2 days before the exam? That’s weird, but hey on the day of the exam itself I got cured or mostly cured and went on the exam. The exam was held at General Emilio Aguinaldo National High School and my room was in room 51 so it was just in the building nearest the gate. The test covered English vocabulary, error correction, paragraph sequencing, math problems, number sequencing, and the code of Civil Service stuff. The last part was the only part I didn’t know coz I didn’t review it but I really hope that I will pass despite the fact that I get all those things wrong. I really hope I pass, so that the money spent in registering wouldn’t be wasted.