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FEATI Commencement Exercises, meaning my graduation Kyaaa! XP

On the 23 day of April of the year 2008, the graduates of FEATI University finally uhm graduated heehee ^_^
The graduation was held at the SMX Convention Center beside the SM Mall of Asia.
Like any ceremony it was mostly boring, but the fun part was of course the awarding ( of awards.. duh).. This year we have a Magna cum Laude, He is Edryan Acosta, of the Aero Dep, he’s been in the top of the scholars list since forever so its no surprise, he even got 5 thousand pesos from the alumni Association FUAA. There is also Ria, the Highest cum laude, who also got 5k cash. Also during the awarding, One guy turned to a girl.. “Ms. Roxan Ormita” hmm.. no wonder the Emcee got confused, the name is for a girl.. But hey the guy is a cum laude so what the hell. After the awarding of cumlaudes are the students with distinction, so that is where I am included weehee *Applause* Thank You Thank You..

This here is the fruit of my labor for 4 years, a silver medal bearing the logo of my alma mater FEATI University. Behind my medal is the souvenir program of the graduation ceremony. Heee ^_^

After the program ended, there were lots of picture taking, left and right.. Including me and my mama and papa, mayell duane, and bingo, of course there is also my aunt, and cousins, Toni and Christian.
I got a couple more pics posted here so check them out! ^_^