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Earn while clicking!! Its Easy!!

Everyone needs money right? Here is a way for you to earn extra money! Its through Bux.to website. Its basically a click to earn site.
1. Go to the Bux.to website click here
2. Register at the site, registration will prompt you to enter your username, password, name, email add and referrer (enter carurachan)
a. Later you must register at Alertpay.com. Whatever cash you earn in Bux.to will be sent to you through Alertpay.com
3. Login the site with the username and password you entered in registration
4. Click the “Surf Ads” Link, a page with a list of links will be displayed
5. How to earn…
a. Click a link
b. Wait 30 seconds before you close it or when Done & a check mark is shown
6. Click the “My Stats” Link to check how much you’ve earned and or to withdraw your cash.

ITS That simple!!! Try it now! Click here