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Hataw Hanep Hero 3 – The Best Anime Convention! ^_^

On December 1 and 2, the third year of Hero Tv's existence is once again celebrated in another gand anime convention, Hataw Hanep Hero 3. Hoards of anime otakus, cosplayers, anime bands, solo performers, exhibitors and people came to the event which was held in the new SMX Convention center right beside the SM Mall of Asia.

Our group, me my sister and a friend went to the second day of the convention. For only 100.00 entrance fee each, we were able to see all kinds of stuff that is a feast for any anime otaku!

We saw lots of great group cosplayers including those from the anime Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (their costumes really rock! But their presentation was really dull/boring), Fate Stay night (they have great costumes! And the cast is complete too! Unfortunately they weren't able to join the group cosplay because they were late for the registration. Waah), Bleach (once again great costumes and complete cast there was even a kon doll weehee but their presentation was boring), Tactics (All the cosplayers in this group were girls! I especially love the costume of haruka and Sugino as well as the costume of the captain something weehee. Again, their group presentation sucks), Prince of Tennis (Presentation was a bit funny, stress on a bit, because they just sang and danced plus their costumes were crappy..eeehhee), and Naruto (This group is different from the group that presented, what I can say is that their sasuke is really cool, sakura is really pretty and naruto is a girl! Weehee). Some notable solo cosplayers include the hot gay person in tight black leather shorts and black sleeveless lether jacket, he was really an eyecatching person. Seeing him makes you laugh. But hes not funny, he is simply entertaining. Heehee Another solo cosplayer is of course Alodia, who never fails to appear in anime convention, and “L” who is quite a handsome person and portrays the role of L really well. This is the 2nd time I’ve seen him in a con but I still cant get my eyes off him.. heehee

We also got to listen to several bands and solo performers who were part of the Anime-Sing Music showdown. My favorite band would be What is? And my favorite solo would be (A. Anna Perez B. Shermela Noor C. Judy ann Tamayo or D. Nikollete Cua) Im not sure. Weehee I just have the list of contestants, Im not sure which one of them was the one with the angelic voice. ehhee

We also got to see the Dub it out contest, which is an on the spot live dubbing contest which lets the audience see how dubbing is done. The contestants were really great, my favorite was the girl from Miriam college (forgot her name though) And I also wasn’t able to catch who won because at the time that they were awarded we were going around the booths. Speaking of Booths, there were lots and lots of booths there. The usual booths would be the hobby booths that sell anime figures and toys, the booths that sell anime souvenirs, such as comic alley and cscentral.com, booths that sell manga, real manga and digital copies, art booths where you can buy a drawing, or get your face painted, playing booths like quantum, egames (ran, audition etc), mobius, wall climbing and even kids playing areas, and of course there are booths that sell food.

Hehe My favorite booth is the dancing heads booth. You just sit in a chair and cover you body with a green cloth and behind you is a green background. On the tv that is shown only your head is visible and someone else’s body is shown. The thing is that the bodies are dancing. So it’s really fun. But its pretty expensive, 200 pesos for a couple of minutes of head dancing so we didn’t try it out.

Well Later on in the show Nance Castilioni and JM Rodriguez appeared, as well as Bok and Marla from Barkada Trip and SPONGECOLA performed so its was overall a really fun day. We even got to grab some posters that were on the walls (of course with permission from the security personnel standing beside us). Hehehe ^_^ That’s all until next!