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Wing Stop @Glorietta: Flavor Invasion with Wings

For this week's Food Adventure, we tried out the different flavored chicken wings at Wing Stop in Glorietta 2, Makati.

Wing Stop has an ongoing promo called Flavor Invasion, you get to try a free chicken wing with a different flavor aside from the flavors that you will order. :D

We went to Wing Stop bearing coupons too. We used 2 different coupons from the Belle de Jour Power Planner. One for free Texas Style Fries and another for free Onion Rings.

The place was pretty empty save for 5 other people when we got there. It was spacious and well lit too. We settled in at a cool looking booth on the right side of the resto.

I ordered 5 pieces of wings in Honey Garlic flavor and a Free wing with Mild Buffalo flavor. With this order, I used the coupon for the free onion rings. Then I ordered 5 pieces of Garlic Parmesan wings with 1 free wing with Louisiana Rub flavor. Then used the coupon for the free fries.

Free Onion Rings and Texas Style Fries

Honey Garlic P195 for 5 pcs Battered Fried Wings

Garlic Parmesan P195 for 5 pcs Battered Fried Wings

Obligatory Groufie with the food. :D

Another obligatory Groufie with the food. :D

Wing Stop knows that eating wings is done better with your hands instead of with utensils. They provide plastic gloves so you won't need to wash your hands!

The food here is pretty good. The free sides, onion rings and fries, were quickly prepared and crispy and tasty. The chicken was cooked well and the flavors were pretty good. I loved the Honey Garlic flavor. But my least favorite was the Mild Buffalo one. Eughh It was too sour and neither of us liked it.

The service isn't bad but could be improved. They missed the second order by switching the flavors of the free wing and the actual order, so I had to take it back to the counter. Another thing that could be improved is their soap dispenser. When I tried to wash my hands the soap sprayed all over the place and went in my eyes. AAAAHHH

Overall, Wing Stop is a pretty good place to grab dinner and hangout. It's a sports bar mostly, since they are playing football and basketball channels on the TVs. Not really my thing but hey, if you like sports you might enjoy hanging out here. 

After eating til we're full, we still couldn't finish all the food we ordered so we still had take out for the next day. :D

Wing Stop
LG/F Glorietta 2, Palm Dr
Ayala Center, Makati
(02) 958-4656

Visited: June 25, 2016
Explorers: Ana Carla Pagulayan, Duane Carlo Pagulayan


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