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Uber Promo: Try out UberHOP from January 25 to 29

Uber Manila is trying out a new vehicle class this January, and they're calling it UberHOP.

UberHOP is almost similar to Uberpool in the US. Uberpool is where one or two riders can book the same uber car. Then as long as they are going in roughly the same direction and they'll split the cost of the fare. For UberHOP, the main difference is that there can be up to 6 total riders and each rider must have their own Uber account. If you want to bring a friend, you'll have to get them to sign up with Uber and request for the same trip. :)

The idea is pretty simple. Here's how it works:

The app will group riders coming from the same origin and who are going to the same destination.
Each rider needs to walk to the suggested meet up spot
The fare is flat: each rider will pay P75
The driver will only wait the scheduled time provided in the app
You won’t be able to contact your driver to make alternative arrangements

Just watch the GIF below and you'll see how it works ideally:

Imagine it like a super expensive Jeepney ride limited to just 6 passengers.

I think this should be a great way to help lessen traffic, by having up to 6 riders take 1 car as long as they're going to the same location.

Noticed a few issues right off the bat tho:

You won't be able to contact the driver. Which means, the driver will be the one contacting each rider. Imagine having to wait for 5 other strangers to show up. That's going to waste some time.

There is a suggested meet up spot. Good luck with finding the driver/ubercar if you can't contact him.

You'll be riding the UberHOP with strangers. Yes, you also ride with strangers when you ride a bus or a jeepney but that beats the point of getting an Uber ride. The slogan says "Your private driver". You can't call it private anymore.

Limited availability, Makati Only. Is the area limitation, based on the GPS of the app or the discretion of the driver? Or are there predetermined pickup or drop off points in the city? There should be more information about this, I think.

That's that. I do hope they have plans in the future for people going north bound or south bound along EDSA.

Here's when it'll be available:

WHEN: Weekdays (excluding non-working holidays) between 6-10AM and 4-9PM
WHERE: Using real rider data, uberHOP is able to determine the locations where rider demand is high. uberHOP is currently available within Makati and BGC.
PRICING: Introductory flat fare of PHP 75

If you want to try out UberHOP, there will be free rides from January 25 to 29!

All photos from Uber Manila's Blog: https://newsroom.uber.com/manila/uberhopmnl/