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Review: Palmolive Naturals Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner, Flawless Clean Soap and White Papaya Body Wash

Palmolive Naturals Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner

After using the shampoo and conditioner combo, my first reaction was that it smells REALLY sweet. I'm all for sweet smelling hair but this takes the cake, and throws the cake way out into the mountains. I've rinsed out my hair twice and it still smells too sweet. For me at least. I'm not too fond of the strength of the scent.

As for the effect on the hair, it still makes it smooth and soft as promised. And hair fall is still minimal. I was previously using the hair fall control shampoo from dove and this combo has the same amount of hair fall after rinsing. After running my hands through my hair, I'll get 4 to 5 strands. But if I didn't use the hairfall shampoo, it's waaay more than just 5 strands.

Overall, pretty good product but I'd like to try another variant where the scent isn't too sweet.

Palmolive Naturals Flawless Clean Soap

The Palmolive Naturals Soap has specks of charcoal that is said to absorb impurities from your skin. The scent of the soap is pleasant and floral. After using it, my skin feels clean but not dry or streched. Overall, pretty good, but not sure if the charcoal really works. :D

Palmolive Naturals White Papaya Body Wash

The Palmolive Naturals White Papaya Body Wash is my favorite item in this bundle. Does it make sense that I used it immediately? I didn't even take a proper picture of it. haha
The wash is a light orange in color and is gooey almost like a cream which makes a lot of lather once used with a loofah. You can put just a coin sized amount on your loofah and it can wash your entire body. Absolutely love how economical it is. And it really moisturizes my skin as well as leaving it smelling nice and sweet. You should definitely try it!

This is a bundle of Palmolive samples that I ordered from Sampleroom.ph.Although they are technically free, you have to pay for a shipping fee that is worth 130 for anything more than 500 grams. 
Visit Sampleroom.ph to check out the available samples that you can try. :D