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If someone suddenly asks you, "What do you do twice a week to keep you feeling clean and sexy?"

What will you answer?

I'd probably just stop and think.
I can't think of one thing off the top of my head that makes me feel Clean and Sexy at the same time.
If I want to feel clean, I'd take a shower.
If I want to feel sexy, I'd probably wear some slim fit clothes.

But, to feel Clean AND Sexy?

That's kinda hard.

Well, until now.

Today, BETADINE® Feminine Wash pioneers the Sexy Clean revolution.
It is a movement that encourages women to become their sexiest by staying clean down there, which means applying BETADINE® Feminine Wash TWICE A WEEK. It’s a feminine hygiene habit for women who want to experience less irritation and be more confident and sexy. It can also help lessen odor for that extra confidence boost. Even during and beyond the dreaded RED DAYS, BETADINE® Feminine Wash delivers that clean and sexy feel for an irritation-less week. BETADINE® Feminine Wash is Povidone Iodine 7.5% antiseptic feminine wash that protects from common germs that cause feminine discomfort. It’s known as the most prescribed product by Medical Doctors to mothers after giving birth, and it ranks number 3 in the Feminine Wash Category. It’s also number 1 in Liquid Anti Septic Feminine Wash Category.

Every woman can feel clean and sexy with proper intimate hygiene to be protected from itchiness, irritation and odor. 

All you need to do is use Betadine® Feminine Wash at least twice a week (or everyday during red days) and you'll be feeling Clean AND Sexy.

With BETADINE® Feminine Wash:

Join the #SexyCleanRevolution #IDoItTwiceAWeek #BETADINEFeminineWash

BETADINE® Feminine Wash can make you feel more than just Clean and Sexy.

Here's how:

To feel Flawless, Clean and Sexy:

Buy Betadine Feminine Wash 100mL and get 20% off on Flawless All Natural Ultimate White Facial and Cell Booster Infusion Mask.
Just present your receipt and box at any Flawless branch as proof of purchase.

To feel Posh, Clean and Sexy:

Buy Betadine Feminine Wash 100mL and get 10% off on all Posh Nails' services (excluding basic manicure and pedicure services). Just present your receipt and box at any Posh Nails branch as proof of purchase.

BETADINE® Feminine Wash is sold in all leading supermarkets and drug stores.
The 100ml bottle retails at P177 while the 50ml bottle retails at P105.


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