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Mochi Sweets @MoA: Mochi Ice Cream with a Hole in the Middle

For this Weekend Adventure, the Food Explorers visit Mall of Asia to try the Mochi Donuts from Mochi Sweets.

If you've heard of a mochi, it's the term for glutinous rice cakes that came from Japan. And then they made mochi ice creams that had different flavors of ice cream wrapped in a similarly colored and flavored mochi layer.

Now the Mochi Donut is just another form of the mochi ice cream. Instead of an entire mochi "bun" they just punched a hole through it and called it a mochi donut. :D

You have to admit, these mochi donuts look really cute!

This is a half dozen of assorted mochi donuts. 
They assemble the boxes at the store when you order. You can choose the flavor of the mochi donuts that you want to try. :)

The flavors: Strawberry, Roasted Sesame, Ube, Chocolate, Mango and Vanilla

We got this deal through Metrodeal's website. They sell these box of 6 mochi donuts for half the price of the actual. Just P210 instead of P420. :D

I gotta say, my favorite has got to be the Roasted Sesami Mochi Donut.

What are you waiting for? Try it out on your own!

Mochi Sweets
Mall of Asia Complex (MOA)
Ground Floor, Main Mall,
Mall of Asia Complex (MOA),
Pasay City

Explorers: +Ana Carla Pagulayan +Ma.Elissa Pagulayan
Visited: April 6, 2014