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Tried and Tasted: KFC Chizza - Chicken and Pizza combined!

Some people are already saying that KFC doesn't like bread. They replaced the bread with chicken in the Double Down sandwich, and they replaced  the bread in the Double Down Hotdog sandwich. This time around, they are replacing the pizza crust with chicken!

Behold the KFC Chizza!

You know what, it doesn't look too bad. The chicken is your regular KFC crispy fried chicken fillet. Similar to the chicken that they serve with rice. But this time it has tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, some bell pepper and some pineapple.

It tastes quite good. :D

The chicken was crispy and juicy. The tomato sauce went well with the salty chicken and the pineapple gives a bit of sweetness and tartness. It's like a Chicken Hawaiian Pepperoni pizza kind of thing. Also reminds me of the taste of the taste of the KFC Twister actually.

Not bad for P95 bucks. You can get the meal, with drink and Pecan Pie for P165. ^_^