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Ginza Bairin @Greenbelt: Awesome Tonkatsu and Free Dessert!

For this Weekend Adventure, the Food Explorers visit Ginza Bairin for another quick culinary trip to Japan. :D We're here to eat Tonkatsu!

Ginza Bairin is located on the side of Glorietta 2 in Makati. It was first established in the Ginza prefecture of Tokyo. This is our first time to try their Tonkatsu or Japanese Pork Cutlet. I found out about it from Deal Grocer. I found a voucher for this restaurant for P1000 worth of food for only P600. :D

Let's take a look at the menu first. We have to make sure the total amount that we order is just around 1000! :D

I quite like the lights in here. ^_^

We can see the kitchen from our table, well mostly me. I don't see everything, but I can see them prep the meals before they are taken out by the waiters.

We went here on a Friday night and the place is packed!

On the table you have your usual Japanese condiments. It's similar to the ones from Yabu somehow. You have 2 dressings: Roasted Sesame Dressing and Wasabi Shoya Dressing. Then there's the soy sauce, bean paste, chili powder and pepper.

I can't believe that this restaurant was established in 1927. That's crazy!

Compulsory selfie. :D

I like the free drink that they offer. This is the Iced House tea.

This is the hot tea. Also free. And you can drink as much as you want.

My brother didn't want to drink the hot tea. It was pretty much the same anyway. The temperature is the only thing that's different.

Yey! The food is here! Time for a photo! :D

Hire Katsu P395

Thanks to the discount, we got to avail of two main dishes, Hire Katsu set and Menchi Katsu Set. We also got to try one side dish: Gyoza.

Menchi Katsu P375

Gyoza P150

The food was delicious! All the sections of the Katsu set were tasty. The Menchi Katsu I had was nice hot and crispy with oozy cheese in the middle, cabbage was nice and cold, the rice was sticky and wonderful, and they had some fresh fruit too!

The service in the restaurant was sort of okay. As our meal was an unli rice meal, you had to ask the waiter for rice each and every time you finished the rice in your bowl. Here's the thing, I was with my youngest brother Bingo, and he eats a lot. The refills that they give of the rice is only one mouthful or 2 tablespoons and we had to ask for rice several times (maybe 5) until he got to eat enough to be full.

Vanilla Ice Cream P80, Matcha Ice Cream Free!

Another awesome thing I liked at Ginza Bairin, was that they offer free ice cream as long as you post a photo of your food or anything and tagged their instagram account. I got the matcha green tea flavored ice cream as the freebie. Then my brother chose to get the Vanilla Ice Cream. We just bought the extra 2 scoops of ice cream for P80.

Happy and full!! Til next time!

Overall, the meal, the ambiance and the service is pretty good. Definitely coming back.

Ginza Bairin
Glorietta 2
G/F Glorietta 2, Palm Dr
Ayala Center, Makati
(02) 553-7350

Explorers: +Ana Carla Pagulayan +Renz Pagulayan

Visited: October 24, 2014