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Prizes I won so far this year :D

Hey there!

It's already June 2015. We're already halfway through the year!

And in the past 5 months I've won several promos and contests that I've joined.
I'm very thankful for the being picked as a contest winner. They're mostly few and far apart, but I'm still very happy I won them. :)

January Promos:

The first promo I won in January was the 7 day Challenge from the BDJ Box Subscription. I just posted my experience in using the items in the box for 7 days. :D

This is the prize I got for the promo:

The next promo I won, was an instagram repost promo. I just reposted a photo that United International Pictures posted, and I won! :D

This is the prize I got from that promo. I got a literal black hat. XD wahahaha. I gave this to my dad. I didn't really watch the Blackhat movie until recently. And unfortunately, it wasn't that good. :/

A photo posted by @carurachan1 on

The next promo is another Insta repost promo. This one leaves me with a sad memory. waaahhh

The prize is an advanced screening of the musical movie "Into the Woods"
And I get a sad memory everytime I think about it coz, we missed the film showing. T_T

Last promo I won in January is the Loreal Paris Mat Magique promo. Another repost promo on Instagram. There was a little bit of an issue with this promo, but I managed to talk some sense to them. hahaha :D

This is the item I won from them. It's a Loreal Mat Magique pressed powder in Rose Ivory shade:

February Promos:

This one was just a lucky break. The promo is another repost, share promo but this time on Facebook. There were hundreds and hundreds of posts. A lot of them were just flood posts from the same person tho. So I didn't think I'd win at all. Just a luck break I guess. haha :D

Curephil sent me their Natural Aqua Gel Exfoliant in a nice clear plastic with a card and my name on it. It's soo cute. :D

A photo posted by @carurachan1 on

Last promo from February is the Covergirl RSG promo, from attending the BDJ Soiree. I basically got picked because of my fabulous photo that was taken during the event. I also liked the idea that a fellow bella took the photo, and maybe just maybe, passed on some of her promo luck to me. haha :D

Now the item for this promo wasn't shipped to me, I told them that I will just pick it up during the next soiree. I didn't want to pay the shipping fee so I just waited for the right time I could get it.

March Promos:

The first promo I won on March was a cute promo from Line. You just had to send a keyword to their chatroom and Voila! You get to win Line Merchandise! hahaha :D

And this is the Line Item I picked. :D

The next promo I won this month is the Xenical Promo that I joined in around the end of February. :D I was soo happy when I got the call about it. XD. But, I didn't get the promo prizes until much later.

The next promo I won this month was another BDJ promo. Wahaha I love joining the BDJ events because of the new people you can meet and the free food and more chances of winning. :D The promo was a contest based on photos taken during the Kawaii Must Haves Soiree in Serenitea.

I also loved the fact that the venue was Serenitea. And the free food and drinks were Milk Teas and chicken from the shop. They're delicious!

As for the prize, I had to wait until I got to attend another BDJ Event. That's when I got the prizes. Also got the prize from the previous promo of Covergirl. :D

I think this is the last promo I won back in March. It's an Insta repost promo from St. Marc Cafe. And the prize is a box of 6 pcs White Chococro. And I'm soo happy I won that promo. :D

And yes, I immediately went to the closest branch and claimed my promo prize. Muahahaa XD

April Promo:

Okay, for April I didn't really join that much promos. Although I can share the prize I received on this month. Which is the prize from Xenical. I won the promo around March tho. :D
I got 10,000 pesos worth of GCs for Nike Park, or Yosi Samra. And 2 months supply or 8 boxes of Xenical! :D

May Promos:

For the month of May, I won two promos. Well didn't really win the other one but hey, I still got a consolation prize.

I joined the I love you Chocoberrymuch promo from Red Ribbon. And I got picked for a consolation prize. :D

And after some time, I claimed it from Spark Place Cubao's branch of Red Ribbon.

The other promo is from BDJ again. I was able to answer their survey immediately and got a free Journal from them. This time they sent it for free. :D

I think that's it! haha

Hope to win more promos to come!

Thanks for dropping by! Til next post! :D