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Game: I just finished AC Unity and it's Okay

I just recently finished Assassin's Creed Unity and it was okaaaaaay.
Stress on the aaaaaaayyyyyy.

I don't always buy PC games, I usually download them. But when it comes to Assassin's Creed, I usually pre order them even. And it's a bit sad to get a crappy game for the amount of money you pay for it. This is a veeery late review of AC Unity.

Say you just finished the awesome game of Assassin's Creed Black Flag. You played as Edward Kenway and conquered the seven seas. Now you're looking forward to vanquishing the evil Templars in France as Arno Victor Dorian in Assassin's Creed Unity. They had a pretty awesome trailer and the hype was pretty big for the game. And then the game was released, and you actually play it. *Poof* That's the sound of your bubble bursting.

You just had to be disappointed that so many things were removed and changed in Unity. The free roaming was limited. Very limited. You can't even do naval missions now. There's no Ship, no crew, no whale hunting, no crafting, no streak kills, and no life regen! They also removed the loading part where you can make the main character run (or dance depending on how you move the arrow keys) Oh they removed multiplayer too. *sigh*

Unity is also popular for being glitchy. Like really glitchy. Freezing up. Characters without skin and all kinds of other bugs can be seen all throughout the game. Even with patches, some bugs are just the usual type of glitch that you'll always see in an Assassin's Creed game. Here are some of the glitchy things I found while playing:

Floating bottle

Floating Cello and the player is now standing but is still playing XD

Arno get's absorbed by the wall

Oh look! I can open looks without touching them!

She keeps floating to the top of the canopy and continues dancing XD

Oh my gosh. Look at his butt

Where your head at? XD

Awful thing Ubisoft added: Microtransactions! Like hell. I'm not going to spend any money on this game more than what I spent to buy it! It's really annoying. You can buy upgrades for Arno using REAL LIFE MONEY! Hell no! Fucking Helix points.

Another awful thing Ubisoft added. Initiate Chests. What the hell Ubi. I actually like finding and opening all the chests on the map. But now I can't because the initiate chests can only be opened when you're a specific level in AC Initiates. Which was okay, but then. It got weird. In the end Ubi just gave away the initiate chests, so I got to open them in the end.

Sorta good thing that's new: Coop Gameplay. You can now play coop within a mission. But this was a bit problematic too. Sometimes during a coop mission, Arno will freeze up and you can't do anything about it. You'll just have to quit the game entirely. But in all honesty I enjoyed playing the coop missions. Especially when my team members are all really quick and I don't have to do anything. I just wait for them to finish the mission and I get the points at the end anyway. :D

The graphics were improved. Well sort of. No, not really. The graphics were good if you set the graphics settings to high but your pc will lag anyway so you set the graphic quality back to low, and now you have mediocre graphics to look at. Well done, Ubi.

One thing I missed in the old games that isn't in the new game, you can't pet the dogs anymore. Why??? T_T

Basically I'm pretty disappointed with almost everything in this game. So many features got lost and then Ubisoft added so many other features that wasn't working and in the end didn't work at all so they just gave up on it. And even the Dead Kings freebie wasn't too interesting.

I'm just hoping that the next AC installment will be better than this. :)