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Basil Authentic Thai Cuisine: Fab Bagoong Rice and Beef Basil

For this Weekday Adventure, the Food Explorers visit Basil Authentic Thai Cuisine in Katipunan.

This restaurant was recommended by my manager +Claire Gustilo and she goes there every now and then. So I thought when I saw the voucher in +Deal Grocer, I had to try it out. But the thing was, I totally forgot about the voucher to the point that it's already the last day to claim it. XD

So I got to talk Andrei into coming with me and then we rode an Uber car to the restaurant. Considering we don't have a car and there is no regular bus that goes through that area, Uber was the best option for us. If you want to try out Uber, you can use this promo code to get free credits on your first ride: UBERLIBRE200

The place was pretty cool. It has a garden inside and it even has a waterfall indoors and it is very relaxing. It was dimly lit and it's more of a place for a romantic dinner than a friendly hang out. But of course, we we're not on a date. :P

Their menu is encased in glass. Smart.

Me and my leathery jacket. Always with my leather jacket nowadays. ;)

Andrei and his gold watch. :)
Once there, we ordered just a few things from the menu.

Tom Yum Ta Lay - Spicy Seafood Soup P 298

Tom Yum, Bagoong Rice P 295 and  Pad Gra Prow Nua - Wagyu Beef and Basil P 355
We didn't get to try a lot of food since the voucher is only worth 1000.

The Spicy seafood was a bit of a let down. The seafood was very minimal, just a few pieces of shrimp, and mushrooms. It's really just the spicy soup. It tasted best while it's warm, so try to finish as much as you can when you get it.

On the other hand both the Bagoong Rice and the Wagyu Beef with basil were winners. The rice was not overcooked, the bagoong ang mango slices gave a sharp contrast. It was just awesome even on its own. But then, you pair it with the wagyu beef and oh my gawd, it was absolutely mind blowing! The beef was really tender, it melts in your mouth. And it was really flavorful. Love it!

Another thing to note, is that it's far from regular bus routes so you either ride a taxi, or uber or hitch a ride with a friend who has a car to get there. :D

Overall, Basil is the kind of restaurant you go to when you're in the mood for tasty beef and delish bagoong rice. It's just a tad pricey. But if you want to try it out, you better shell out. bwahaha
Definitely going back here. Once I see a voucher for it. :D

Basil Authentic Thai Cuisine
White Plains Corner Katipunan Avenue,
White Plains,
Quezon City
02 9114158

Explorers: +Ana Carla Pagulayan +Joulle Andrei Lee
Visited: February 2, 2015

Photo Credit https://instagram.com/alee.ster/