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Huat Pot @Greenhills: Whaaaat? Unlimited Magnum? It's for real!

For this Weekday Adventure, the Food Explorers go all the way to Greenhills to try out Huat Pot All You Can Eat Hot Pot Restaurant.

Huat Pot is located on the 2nd floor of the Metropoint Centre Mall in Greenhills. It's actually in an area sprinkled by a lot of other eat all you can restaurants. (If you change your mind, you can easily go to another restaurant) :D

Huat Pot Entrance

We went there around lunch time and upon entering the restaurant we were ushered to the hot pot area. It's where the tables had a hot pot in the middle.

We sat by the window

They also have tabes that accommodate large groups.

Once we sat down, the waitress asked us for the flavor of the broth we'll use for the hot pot. We selected the bbq flavored broth and the Huat Pot Special Broth. Once we had the broth selected, we set off to grab as much stuff as we can.

So they had some raw meat, seafood, and some taho. There are also frozen balls and veggies.

Squid balls, and veggies section

Seafood section

Meat section

Taho! :)

They also had unlimited drinks. You can get soda, juice or coffee.

Orange juice and pepsi products


And the most important part of the restaurant, the ice cream freezer where you can grab as much Magnum as you can! :D

Unlimited Magnum bars, and other ice creams

They also had some cooked meat that you can eat for the meantime while waiting for your raw food to cook in the boiling broth.

We just got a little bit of everything from the freezers and went back to find a bubbling pot filled with the two flavors of broth we ordered.

Raw sliced pork and beef

We got shrimp, dory, veggies, squid balls, corn etc. 
On to the comments of the restaurant. The service was weird. Well, they have this habit of grabbing any plate/spoon you're not using from your table. Which is weird for me, because I use the empty plate for the shells of the shrimp and other stuff I don't want on the plate that Im eating on.

Aside from that weirdness tho, everything else was fine. They refilled our water promptly. but that's basically it. They don't really do much for you since you're the one leaving your seat and grabbing food from the freezers.

The food was okay. But the choices were limited. Also, the broth didn't taste that good. So I just ate the seafood and fish balls. I guess that's mainly why I didn't get too full after eating there, because you eat mostly veggies and seafood and not much carbs. Honestly, it didn't feel like I ate at a buffet because we only ate veggies and seafood. I felt lighter after eating here compared to when I ate a buffet at yakimix.

The main selling point of this place is the Unlimited Magnum. Even the Official Magnum bar doesn't have that option. But there's only one type of Magnum, Almond flavor. And after eating one bar, you're already full. We still got to eat 2 bars each tho. It's cool.

A photo posted by @carurachan1 on

But after eating the magnum bars we were reaaallly full. XD

Just one more qualm I have with the place is that the location is hard to get to. I mean, if Uber wasn't available, I'd have to take a friggin taxi to get here. And I don't like taxis (coz of taxi horror stories I heard, and the "no sukli" moments) even to commute to the place is a chore. Soooooo, I'm probably not going back to this resto anytime in the near future. But it was one heck of a meal. :D

Happy and Full Explorers

Huat Pot
2/F Metropoint Ctr , P. Guevarra cor Wilson
Greenhills, San Juan
(02) 650-3091

Explorers: +Ana Carla Pagulayan +Ma.Elissa Pagulayan
Visited: February 10, 2015


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