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Pablo's Pub and Restaurant: Get Ready for the Big Heist

For this Weekend Adventure, the explorers visit Pablo's Pub at The Forum in BGC. :)

Pablo's Pub & Restaurant is right smack dab in the middle of BGC and is near the other touristy areas of the lot. It's a block away from either Bonifacio High Street and SM Aura. It's just walking distance for us but for some people, walking isn't really their forte, so I suggest you get a cab or just drive to the place. :P

We visited Forum before when we ate at Koko Buri, just next to Pablo's Pub. Here's the post of our visit: http://carurachan.blogspot.com/2014/01/koko-buri-asian-chicken-goodness.html

Thanks to +Deal Grocer we got to eat here at a discount.

The menu had everything from salads, soups, pastas, to steaks and ribs. We didn't really know what to get.

The place looks really cool too. Reminds me of a Mafia movie or somethin.

We clearly need food at this point. Trying to smile with a grumbling tummy is a very hard task. lol

We got four items from the menu:

Caesar Salad P235

Vegetarian Lasagna P330

Gourmet Chicken Burger P235

We had them split chicken burger. :P

The Big Heist P200
Among the four items we tried, the best ones for me were the vegetarian lasagna and the big heist! :)

The ceasar salad here is like the usual caesar salad you get from restaurants, small amount of semi wilted lettuce with a little bit of parmesan, croutons and stuff inside and then they sell it for over 200 pesos.

The lasagna was really good, the sauce was creamy, and tasty, the filling of eggplant was cooked and seasoned well. It was so so so good.

Didn't appreciate the sorta dry chicken burger. But a burger is still a burger so it was okay.

The best part of the night for me was seeing the Big Heist. We had to wait another 20 minutes for it to be brought out. But boy was it worth the wait. I think the caramelized sugar garnish was the reason why it took so long but it looks and tastes fantastic! It had a chewy chocolate chip cookie at the bottom and the vanilla ice cream was creamy and not too sweet, just delicious! :D

Long wait time. When I say long wait time, it wasn't the wait time for us to get a seat or wait to get the food. It's the wait to bill out. We were stuck there for another 30 minutes, just waiting for someone to process our bill. 'Twas the most disappointing part of the day.
Location is in an area sorta hard to get to

Great ambiance
Pretty good food

Overall: Okay. But I'm not going back.
Between the long wait time and the location, I think I'll just pass. I'm never fond of a restaurant with very slow service. If my time gets wasted so much in that resto, I don't want to waste more time going back.

2/F The Forum, 7th Ave cor Federacion Dr
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

Explorers: +Ana Carla Pagulayan +Ma.Elissa Pagulayan
Visited March 29, 2014