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Promo: Easy Taxi and Wechat give you Free Rides in Metro Manila

It's a FREE ride with WeChat and EasyTaxi.

Simply book a taxi via Easy Taxi and get a FREE ride to ANYWHERE in Metro Manila with the nearby WeChat cab.

Mechanics of the Promo:

Book a taxi using the EasyTaxi app.

If the WeChat taxi happens to be around, you will immediately get a call confirming your ride.

All users with WeChat in their phone can take part in the promo.
Additionally you have to:
Take a selfie inside the WeChat cab
Share it to Facebook with a hashtag #WeChatTaxi and on your WeChat Moments too!

*Original post from Wechat

You need to download WeChat and Easy Taxi on your phone to join this promo.
Also, the free ride is only applicable if you get the WeChatTaxi. If you don't, you have to pay for the regular meter rate.