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Dove Whitening Original Deo - Free Sample Review

Dove had a promotion a while ago for a free Dove Whitening Deo sample. All I had to do was register on the Dove Facebook page. After doing that I received a confirmation text on my phone.
The instructions were pretty simple, I just need to show the text message to any Bayo branch. I went to the branch in Megamall. And then I got my free Dove sample!

It's just a small 10ml size bottle. So I didn't really use it that much coz I'm saving it for when I need to travel and need something small to bring with me.

I used it a bit and what I can say is that Dove is like the other roll on deodorants that I've used. 
Upon application it is wet and sticky and I wait for it to dry a little bit before wearing my top.
It also looks like you applied something like a cream on your underarms as it has a white color that sort of makes your underarms look "whiter"

Overall, the deodorizing effect is worth buying the product. But I'm not really expecting much for the whitening effect. As my underarms will never see the light of day. hahaha