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Blo Bar SM Megamall - Review

The September BDJ Box had a ton of wonderful full sized products along with a couple of discount coupons for Blo bar. And since it's my birthday month, I decided to treat myself to a blo dry. haha

I went to the Blo bar at SM Megamall Fashion Hall Level 5.

Prior to visiting, I made a reservation just to make sure that someone can assist me. 
But when I got there, the place was pretty empty. I was the only customer. Which is sort of a good thing in my book, coz they can attend to all my needs. 

These are the coupon cards I got from the August BDJ Box. One for a free deep conditioning treatment when you get a blow out.

The second one is for 20% off the price for a blow out. This is the one I used for my hair.

There are 7 styles that you could choose from. I went for the Red Carpet style.

After selecting a hairstyle, my stylist then shampooed and conditioned my hair. This includes some head and back massage. It felt quite nice, and it made me sleepy. I really like it. ^_^

After rinsing, the stylist guided me to the chairs near the mirrors and proceeded to blow dry my hair. 
Tip: If you plan to get your hair done allot at least one hour before your event. The stylist took almost an hour or around 45 minutes to finish drying and styling my hair. But it was all worth it. 

They also offered free drinks. You can ask for water, tea, or pink lemonade. I got the pink lemonade.

The stylist was very fast. He definitely know what he's doing. 

Here is the look after the blow out. I'm very happy with the result. I'll definitely get my hair done here if there is a special event in the near future. 

I just had to pay 400 for the blowout instead of 500. Thanks to the BDJ coupon. ^_^

Blo bar Megamall

5th Floor Mega Fashion Hall
SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City

To book a blo or just chat call
+0917 625 6379 

Monday to Sunday 10am to 10pm