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Awesome Game: Assassin's Creed 2

Sigh, Ezio is soooo coool!!!

Im just a fan girl, I know.

This is the first game in the whole AC series that I ever played.
Initially I was intrigued by the game after I watched AC Lineage.
Its the short video series that Ubisoft made as a prequel to the game.

Back then I was thinking, Naah, my PC won't be able to handle it.
FYI, my PC was running P4 on an ancient mother board and a measly 256 MB video card.
Finally after I scrounged up enough money to buy a decent laptop, I decided to get the game..via torrent.
So what? its free. I just wanted to try it out. But after I tried it, I loved it!

Gameplay is awesome, graphics wise is awesome too.
Im sorry if everything that I type in this post almost always has the word awesome in it.

But it really is AWESOME!!!

I didn't buy an original copy of this game. I don't know. Maybe Im just saving for Revelations when it comes out. hehe