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Just Watched: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Hey there! have you seen the latest Harry Potter Movie?
The Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!

You have? how was it? Was it good? Really?
Coz for me it SUCKED!!! with the capital S!

I have already read and re-read the Harry Potter Books all of them and it really sucks for me that not much detail went into the movie. But of course its already a given that the movie will be a watered-down version of the book that much shorter and all douched up.

Soo maany stuff did not go to the movie, and they even bothered ADDING stuff that were'nt even in the book.

Like the attack of the Death eaters to the Burrow. What was that? Where did they get that? And what on earth is the point of that attack?!

The only parts that I Liked in the movie include, Slughorn's Scene where they put everything back to normal, the quidditch tryouts, and the cave scene, Dumbledore is so pitiful, and the acting is soo good.

Aside from those scenes, everything else sucked.

I wasted P130 watching this sucky movie. I just hope that the last 2 movies, of Harry Potter will be at the tiniest bit better than this last one.