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A Trip to Alabang Town Center, after 10 Years literally

One fine Sunday on February 8th, my mom, me , my sister Mayell, my aunt Menchie and my cousin Toni went to Alabang Town Center to celebrate my Aunt Menchie's Birthday. I say that Ive visited 10 years ago coz I really just went to this place when I was a kid and after 10 years we went here again and a lot has changed.

Okay, so first off the main thing that changed wasme. Im 20 already and the last time I was here was when I was still a googley eyed 10 year old. I dont realy appreciate much of places, as long as there is a playground and food then all is well. Now that Im all matured and everything, I look at a great place to hang out and shop at. Lots of money is needed to shop here of course, coz almost all the shops are the expensive ones. Unlike the common, jollibee, mcdo, greenich bunch of fast foods here they have yellow cab, star bucks, california pizza kitchen, TGI Fridays and lots more. Gosh.. Oh so basically we just went around the mall and ate. We ate at Gerry's Grill and we had some "Garlic Adobo Shreds" and "Griulled Squid" and also we had some "Pork BBq" We were so full we couldnt even finish eating the bbq part. haha

After eating at Gerry's Grill we went around a bit more.. So the mall's area had a lot of added parts to it like before it was just one building but now they added like two or 3 more buildings that connected to the original oneto make Alabang Town Center (ATC) much much bigger. Then when we were hungry once again, the next place we ate at was at Haagen Dasz.. haha
It was heavenly..

here are some pics of out trip to ATC...