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Fave Movie and Book: Twilight Saga

Ive watched it Ive read it and Im going crazy over it!!

This is Twilight by Stpehenie Meyer.

Ive seen this book and the series before but it didnt really strike me as a good book, so I didnt bother with it ever. But the moment that the movie of Twilight came out it was pandemonium and everyone was grabbing their own copy of the book before going to the movie. Also when they fnished watching the movie they also went ahead and purchased the books in the rest of the series.

I was one of the lot who wantd to read the book before the movie, I guess I bought the book pretty early coz the bookstores were still full of Twilight books. But the moment that the movie is already showing in theatres, and I wanted to purchase the next book New Moon, it was already scarce. Good thing Fully Booked in Moa still had a lot of books in stock..

But by the time when I want to purchase the 3rd book, Eclipse. There is no book to be found anywhere. Ive searched in like 5 malls and over 20 bookstores and there's nothing!!

But one day, I saw like a pair of women walking down the street with newly bought twilight books inside Fully Booked plastic bags in their hands, and I was like.. where is the nearest Fully Booked in this place?!!

I searched and found it later on and I was finally able to get my hands on my own copy of eclipse.

Now the next trouble would be finding the last book...But hey what the heck... Ill find it lter on.. hehe