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High School Musical is promoted to the Silver Screen ^_^ Yorokonde! and Camp Rock is another Musical to watch out for!

Yes the whole gang of singing and dancing high schoolers are back for their last movie and this time its not just on TV but on the Silver screen. ^_^ Yup its High School Musical 3 Senior Year.. Very good idea, I mean its better to watch a movie in a movie house than just on tv you know. Coz if your tv is small you cant appreciate it as much as when its on the big screen. Heehee
They have ten new original songs, my fave would be “Now or Never”, it’s the main theme song for HSM3, like “What time is it?” for HSM2 and “Breaking Free” in HSM1.
I cant wait to see the movie, don’t know when it’ll hit the Philippine shores but I hope its soon.
Yeah and there’s another musical school of singing and dancing teenagers, Camp Rock. I haven’t seen the show itself and I don’t really know if its any good but I guess it is since so many people like it including my sister. ^_^ The song that I like the most from the Camp Rock tracks that she plays would be Play my Music.. Hehehe ^_^