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Duane Carlo is an actor, Who would have thought??

My brother Duane is a 13 year old High schooler, who’s only desire is to make my other brother Bingo cry. That’s pretty much his hobby, aside from playing DOTA, Cabal and whatever. But one day, he said that he was gonna join an audition for a play, and this somehow was surprising..So he went on the audition at Robinsons Cinema 1, and me and My Father and Bingo watched..We weren’t expecting much from him but he was actually pretty good, and pretty funny too. So he was accepted and will be a part of the play “Ibong Adarna” which will be shown on August 23, Duane’s birthday. I think all will go well, since Duane has a knack in doing funny stuff out of the blue. You can watch him in the video box above, Its title is Wenju, and the other is Duane sa Moa.. ^_^ heehee