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Pinoy Idol: Definitely the worst version of American idol

Everyone knows that American Idol has been franchised all over the world and that lots of idols have been declared in loads of countries, but here in the Philippines its kinda sick and crazy…Here’s why

Around 2 Or 3 years ago the first Philippine franchise of a American idol was already made by a small network company, ABC 5. They named it of course Philippine Idol. It was not that widely spread and after winning the first “Philippine Idol” was soon forgotten. Hell, I don’t even know who won in that show..

Now, GMA 7, one of the biggest networks in the Phil, franchised the show once again. But this time, since they don’t want it to be the second Philippine idol, they made it “Pinoy Idol”. As stated in the rules of the show, the host must not be a singer, so Regine velasquez being the host is out of the question, then there are the judges.. No problem with the judges.. I just don’t like seeing the host to be Raymond.. Raymond is kinda fat and dirty looking.. ewww, and I don’t know, its just that ANY SHOW THAT WAS IMITATED OR FRANCHISED BY THE PHILIPPINES TURNS INSIDE OUT, UPSIDE DOWN AND INCREDIBLY EWWWW!! Take Zaido for example!! *puke*