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The Visitor…

Today a visitor came by to our house to wreak havoc and destruction among our household… hehe joke lang… He is simply someone visiting.. And he is a suitor of mine, Dennis Junio..

So on this day that this tall lanky guy came to our house he wore a black polo and black shoes as though he was going to a job interview. He came around 1pm and ate pinakbet, a specialty of my dear father, for lunch. After this he joined me and my sister on an errand to buy some food at Robinsons. At that time the sun was shining a little too brightly and it was really hot, so we used umbrellas to ease up the heat. It was alright till the wind blew hard and almost destroyed the umbrella Deng was using.

In Robinsons, we got free garlic bread from “Pan de Manila” a new bakery that opened just today, and we bought the necessary food Tempura(tempura chips that are prawn flavored are really my top 2 favorite snack, top1 is Cheezee and top 3 is Nova), C2 (This is my favorite drink as of yet since its healthy and cheap at the same time) and chili chips. Then we went home.
After eating these delicious snacks we hung out for a bit while I played with Dennis’ Playstation Portable aka PSP. Them afterwards we went o a biking trip to the Imus plaza where once again we ate some food, this time its Goto and Lumpia and tokwa and hotdog and some other stuff.
Well, after getting busy with biking all the way from imus and eating and strolling around the plaza, Dennis decided to go home. So that’s it…

Basically, this was sort of a test for him. We (me, my sister and my mom) wanted to see how he will act around us and whatnot. And so far he did good, as in ok lang. My mother added that he is a bit mahinhi, na parang bakla.. hihi Im not sure though, there is always a possibility. ;) For me, this was a nice day. It was fun and tiring at the same time and I want it to happen again, so on jan 3 Deng will visit us again and promised that the next time he comes he will bring snacks with him. :) hehehe that’s it!