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Blood +: My New Favorite Anime *Go Haji!!!*

Saya and Haji

Blood+ is the story of a girl named Saya. Although she looks just like any other high school girl she is actually a Queen Chiroptera (Yokushu) who has lived for over hundreds of years. When a mutated Chrioptera appeared in their midst Saya was made to fight against it, because only her blood will kill the chiropteras. Saya also has a chevalier, by the name of Haji. A chevalier is a lover and protector of its chiropteran maker. Haji is just so Sugoi! And he looks good too!!


Waaai!! Saya also has two brothers, Kai and Riku, and a father, George. All of whom aren’t really her family members. The first two, Riku and George died out in the story and only Kai remained till the end. He sort of had a love thing going on with Saya but Saya already has Haji and he has no chance! (Don’t worry Kai, Im still here!!) Kai is also a sugoi character in the story. Then there are the enemies: Diva, Saya’s sister and mortal enemy (her blood will kill Saya and Saya’s blood will kill her cool huh? ^_~ ). Amshel, divas sort of father and first chevalier, he is also the sort of mastermind for all the bad things that happened in the story, James, a black chevalier that is really loyal to Diva. Karl, an obsessed chevalier. He was only used for experiments though. Nathan, a crazy chevalier who often flirts with James and Solomon. And the most handsome enemy of all, Solomon. He is the good bad guy and he fell in love with Saya the first time he saw her. Waii! Just wanna add, my favorite song right now is the third ending song of Blood+ “This Love” I like it so much I made a karoke video of it. You can see it at the top of this page!


Sayally said...

I love this song too!!