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Super Cute & Super Smart Kyle XY

(From L - R: Stephen, Lori, KYLE, Josh, and Nicole)

Matt Dallas stars as KYLE in the new series KYLE XY at Studio 23 every wednesday 8:30 PM. Kyle is a super cute, super smart, super hot guy that lost his memory because of a traumatic incident. He was found naked walking along the street by the police. He later found a home with the Trager Family.

Kyle has no memories whatsoever and does a lot of stupid stuff which is always a highlight for every episode, but even though he doesnt know it he is very smart and a very fast learner. Unfortunately, Kyle already has a love in the story whose name is Amanda, she is a pretty girl but Im prettier.. heeeeheeee Kyle XY is like a superhero story but with other teenage issues and family probs that will make you want to watch every episode but mainly you watch it because of Kyle. :)