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Eyeshield 21, my reason to wake up early

For quite a while, I was always sleeping in until its already noon. Its really of no consequence wether I wake up early or not because my classes are scheduled in the afternoon. But just last week I saw Eyeshield 21 play at channel 2 and well I got hooked. I cant say I am as hooked to eyeshield as I was to deathnote but Eyeshield is pretty interesting considering that the anime shows that are shown locally have so far been replays of what they've shown before.
Eyeshield21 is a story about a boy named Sena, he is a first year student in high school and was always bullied when he was in his younger years. But unkown to all, Sena has the ability to run as fast as the speed of light which was developed by always running away from his bullies. Yuuichi, the captain of the football team discovered this and literally kidnapped Sena just to join the club. Because of the probability that Sena will be bullied even more when he plays in the team, they gave him another identity as Eyeshield21 to protect his true identity. And so starts the story of a go-fer turned football superstar.
You can watch Eyeshield 9:30 am every weekday at Channel 2.