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Ramen Cool in Kapitolyo: Hot Ramen in a Cool Ramen Shop

For this Food Adventure, we tried out the ramen at Ramencool in Kapitolyo.

Me, Chii and Liezel went here after our stay in Ace Water Spa for a couple hours. After soaking in hot water for a while, we had a hankering for something hot in our tummies and went here. Chii recommended the place. :D

The ambience of the restaurant definitely takes you to Japan. There were photos of Sakura, Samurai and Geishas along with some photos of noodles on the walls. The light fixtures were pretty cool too. We sat in a booth good for 4 people. There were also sections that are good for 6 people and have the nice Sakura designs painted on the walls.

Central area, look at the light! 

Tokyo Night lights wallpaper in the washroom

The samurai reminds me of Samurai Jack somehow. :)

We each ordered a different type of ramen so we could taste them all. I was looking for something like the Black Garlic Ramen I tried from Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen Shop, but they don't have anything close. So I just decided on something else.

I got a Tempura Ramen for P220

Liz got Mabo Ramen for P195. Ramen in a spicy soup base topped with tofu.

Chii got a beef ramen for P245

My order, Tempura Ramen, came with three pieces of tempura on top. :D

The noodles don't look like the handmade ones, I didn't ask but they taste pretty good along with the shoyu base soup. The tempura could have been served separately so they don't go soggy but they were pretty tasty anyways.

Top view of the Beef Ramen

The Beef Ramen was the most expensive one from all three ramen we ordered but it has the most toppings on it. It had beef, a soft boiled egg, nori strips and some leafy things I don't recognize. haha

We were pretty tired and hungry after lounging in ACE Water Spa, so our photos lacked energy. haha

Taking selfies/groufies is probably the most fun way to spend time while waiting for your order

Selfie from below, para maiba

My order was the last one served. :( waaah

We definitely enjoyed our post ACE Water Spa food trip. Ramen cool's ramen are okay and definitely cheaper than the other shops I tried. But you are also getting what you paid for. If you really want awesome ramen with hand pulled noodles at a really expensive price, then go to the expensive shops. But if you just want some ramen in your system, and you're in Kapitolyo well Ramen Cool is a pretty decent place to go.

Ramen Cool
E Capitol Dr
Kapitolyo, Pasig
(02) 636-0972

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