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Eats in Cubao: Zark's Burgers

Hey there! I'll be sharing my food trips all over Cubao in a series that I'll be calling Eats in Cubao. 

For this first installment, I went to Zark's Burgers in Shopwise to try out their burgers along with my friends, Sleepy, Kat and JR.

First Burger: The Jawbreaker.
This burger has spam, bacon and three burger patties, oozing with cheese sauce on top and some lettuce and tomato at the bottom. It also comes with fries and bottomless drink. Choice of blue lemonade or iced tea. Suggest that you get the blue lemonade, it tastes better.

Second Burger: Deep Fried Burger.
Pretty obvious right? It's a burger with the usual, burger patty, bed of lettuce and tomato, then battered and deep fried. Also comes with french fries and a drink. You can also choose what sauce to get with this burger. Jay ar chose a Rum Bbq sauce. It was pretty Rummy. wahaha

Third Burger: Zark's Ultimate Burger.
This burger has sauteed mushrooms and bacon with cheese sauce on top. mmm. Look at all the cheese!! I can't see the bacon tho. Bwahaha. This one is 150 on it's own, you have to add 35 to get the fries and drink.

There's four of us in the first pic but we got three burgers. Sleepy and I split the Jawbreaker burger coz I know I just can't finish it on my own. XD

Jay ar was very happy with his choice.

Sleepy wasn't so sleepy with the Jawbreaker. Yup, the burger was almost as tall as the glass. XD 
It was absolutely delicious too. 

Food tastes great
Trendy resto design
Burgers price range from 150 - 500

Service is a little slow

Overall: Good!

If you want delicious and juicy burgers at a pretty good price then drop by Zark's. Just make sure you're not famished when you go here or impatient. These burgers don't get cooked in just a minute. Another good tip is to go to the restaurant at non peak hours. Before or after lunch/dinner rush, just to make sure there are seats. Also try to bring at least Php 400 per head just to be sure. The prices on the menu change depending on the branch so I decided not to post a price here. 

Interesting story that day: there were foreigners who came in the resto and sat at a table next to us, you'll see them behind Sleepy's photo above. So the crew asked for their order in English, expecting that they will respond in English too. But they spoke in Filipino!!
Wahaha XD Just surprising to hear straight Tagalog from a Foreigner, but it's cool!

If you liked this post, watch out for other Eats in Cubao posts on the blog soon!

Shopwise Cubao
Shopwise Arcade, Gen Aguinaldo Ave
Cubao, Quezon City
+63 9054931016

Visited April 30, 2016
+Ana Carla Pagulayan