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Gourmet Society PH: Loyalty Card for Foodies

If you want discounts on your weekly food trip, this loyalty card might just be for you!

Gourmet Society is the leading restaurant loyalty and privilege membership card in the Philippines. The company launched in October 2015 and has been giving discounts to many foodies since then.

Gourmet club has partnered with over 200 restaurants brands, which have over 280 branches all over the country.
With over 200 partner restaurants, your only problem is which one to choose!

These partners give Gourmet Society members 20% off their total bill. No minimum. No reservations. Members can also tap into thousands of pesos worth of vouchers, such as P500 cash vouchers, and 2 for 1 deals.

How do you get discounts with Gourmet Society?
Just pay a one time fee of 1999 and you can enjoy an entire year of discounts on your food trips!
How does one year of discounts to over 200 restaurants sound? As a self proclaimed Foodie and cheapskate, this card is perfect!

Okay, maybe 1999 Pesos is a tad pricey for a loyalty card, but just look at all the restaurants that you can go to and always enjoy a discount from.

I'd go for discounts to Mrs. Fields, Burgoo, Brothers Burger and Boon Tong Kee any day.

Once you have paid the subscription, you can also use the features on the Gourmet Society App to explore more restaurants for your food trips:

With the Gourmet Society app, you can search for the nearest partner restaurant, save your favorites, mark a restaurant that you've already tried and easily access your loyalty card from the app!

If you're still not sold on getting the card, you can try it out for free. Gourmet Society has a free 30 day trial where you can avail of the discounts at any of the partner restaurants without having to pay 1999. Just visit their website gourmetsociety.ph and click on the Free Trial link on the top right.

Watch out for my next blog post! I'll be giving away a total of 3 Gourmet Society Cards to 3 lucky Foodies!



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