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Tokyo Cafe @Mega: My Japanese Birthday Treat

For this Birthday Adventure, me and my sister visit Tokyo Cafe in Megamall for a quick Japanese treat before my birthday. :D

Tokyo Cafe is one of those cool and modern restos where you can order Japanese food. We got to eat here thanks to a voucher from Cashcashpinoy that gave me a 40% discount to a set meal.

Yes, we have to take photos of ourselves before the meal. Why would you even bother eating out if you don't takes photos? :D

Waiting for the food means that I have to time to spend just tking photos of the restaurant's deco.

And here's the food! We got to try out their Katsu Ju bento set which is a Pork chop that was breaded and fried then topped with egg and it comes with miso soup, a side dish of fruits and a glass of iced red tea.

We both got the same thing. :D

And as an added item, we also got one order of  California Roll.

The Katsu Ju set was a bit of a flop for me. It was really oily but it tasted good. The best part of the meal for me was the Cali roll. It was light, sweet because of the mango and the dipping sauce was spicy and salty that it was a really good contrast of flavors. I loved it. :D

So that was what we had on October 23 of 2013.
Tokyo Cafe in Megamall has already closed. But do try out their food from another branch. I recommend their Cali Roll! :D