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Have you ever thought of your dream home?

I do.
I have a lot of dream homes in mind actually.

I want to live near the sea.
I want to live in an high rise condo in the city.
I want to live in a house with my own pool.
I want to live in a log cabin.
I want to live on a mountain.

It's easy to just imagine myself living in any one of these places, but thanks to Property24.com.ph, I can actually check the real houses that are for sale in many places in the Philippines.

Here are my top 5 dream homes that I found on the site:

I would love to live near the sea, I'll be able to go snorkelling whenever, sail on a boat whenever and build sandcastles whenever.

Live in a high rise condo in the city

I would love to live in a high rise condo in the city, I'll have an amazing view of the city lights and be able to go to the interesting areas in the city without getting stuck in traffic for too long.

I would love to live in a house with my own pool, I'll be able to swim as much as I want whenever I want.

I would love to live in a log cabin, I'd be just sitting snug and cozy in the living room near the fireplace all day.

Live on a mountain overlooking Taal lake

I would love to live on a mountain, I will enjoy the sight of the nearby Taal Lake everyday and savor the natural cold breeze.

With Property24 you can make your dream home a reality by checking through their lists of houses and lots. 

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