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Tried and Tasted: J.Co's New Coconut Mocha Frappe and Dazzling Queen Donut

If you're fond of Mogu Mogu and coffee then you might like this new drink from J.Co, it's called the Coconut Mocha Frappe. And the suggested match to this drink is it's equally coconut-y friend the Dazzling Queen donut. This is my first time to try them.

Coconut Mocha Frappe

I've never ordered a coffee drink from J.Co ever. I'm not much of a commercial coffee drinker, but I do love the taste of brewed coffee once in a while. I ordered the Coconut Mocha Frappe and the Capuccino Avocado just for the heck of it. I was curious to see how coconut and avocado would taste mixed with a coffee frappe.

Cappuccino Avocado and Coconut Mocha Frappe

Coconut Mocha Frappe with Free Glazzy!!
Who doesn't want a free donut. I like the idea that every order of coffee at J.Co comes with a free Glazzy donut. Not bad, J.Co. Not bad at all.

Anyway, on to the taste test of the Coconut Mocha Frappe. After the first sip, most of what you can taste is the mocha and coffee, but after a few seconds you sip something squishy, like a jelly. And once you chew on it you get confused. It tasted sweet and bright, and then I realized it was nata de coco! :D I friggin loved it. It's like mogu mogu and coffee hooked up and birthed this drink. I don't understand it but it works! It's pretty good. Except, I might tell the barista to not put whipped cream next time. :)

Next the cappuccino avocado. I only took a small sip of it and I tasted a small hint of avocado, but not a lot. I guess I'll stick to other avocado flavored things. But not coffee.

Dazzling Queen

I've always loved getting donuts from J.co. My all time favorite is the Avocado di Caprio. It has chocolate and avocado flavored cream filling which I love so much. But this time, we're trying out a new featured donut. The Dazzling Queen.

It has Strawberry flavored chocolate, with a strawberry filling and topped with coconut flakes. Ooooh

It looked quite cute, with it's pink and white color. But I wonder what it tastes like?

Dazzling Queen Donut with a bite. :)

Honest answer, it tastes like chocolate. Really sweet strawberry chocolate, with lightly sweetened cream filling.  It was okay for me but not as awesome as my favorite donut (Avocado di Caprio). The deal breaker for me were the coconut flakes. They were a bit tough to chew. I prefer a soft donut, where the firmest part is the donut itself. In the dazzling queen, you have to chew through the coconut flakes before you take your next bite. So yeah, it's okay. But not amazing.

Overall, the choice of your donut and coffee is up to you. I totally recommend to try the Coconut Mocha Frappe and Dazzling Queen at least once and let your palette decide if you like them or not.

This is an honest review of free samples. J.Co sent me Gift certificates so that I can try their latest products without spending my own money. I'm not a professional critic or anything like that but I really appreciate it.