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Birthday Month Adventure 2014: My free Birthday Dinner @Yabu

Just a few days before the big day (my birthday), I decided to claim my free Yabu Tonkatsu from the Yabu newsletter subscription. It's an awesome thing to receive. I'm so glad I signed up.

My Free Rosu Katsu at Yabu!
Here's how to get a free Yabu Katsu on your birthday month:

Early 2014, I saw a friend’s post on Facebook that says he got to eat at Yabu for free. And after inquiring, he said that he just got an email about a free after signing up for their newsletter.

Once I learned of this, I immediately signed up for the same newsletter on the same day. And it did actually say in the email that I will get the FREE KATSU on my birthday!

And on the tenth month of the year, on the first week, I received the golden email.

It’s very simple yet, awesome at the same time.

And that was how I got a free Katsu Set on my Birthday Month.

For this pre-birthday treat, I went to Yabu with my mom and my sister. :D 

It's a girl's night out! :D

This isn't my first time to eat at Yabu. Not sure how many times I ate here to be honest. But each time I eat here, the thing I love the most from eating Katsu at Yabu (aside from the awesome Katsu itself) is the delicious sesame dressing. I won’t mind paying almost 400 for the meal as long as I can eat as much cabbage as I want mixed with a whole lot of the fabulous sesame dressing that only Yabu has.

Another thing I like at Yabu is that you get to do something that is connected to your meal while waiting for your food. You have to grind the roasted sesame seeds while at your table and once you’re done you can add this sour syrup to make it your Katsu sauce. Don’t really need it though. I just like grinding it while waiting for the food. But the katsu on its own is fine. I actually prefer dipping it in sesame dressing before chomping down on it with some rice.

Yabu has always been my go to place when it comes to katsu and they always keep their standards high. I’ve eaten here several times, at several different branches and the katsu is always awesome, each time. Keep it up Yabu. Hope to get another free Katsu for 2015. :D

Yabu: House of Katsu
Glorietta 5
2/F Glorietta 5, Office Dr
San Lorenzo, Makati
(02) 823-6903

Visited: October 2014