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Bronuts Cronuts @Mega: Buttery and Cheesy Noms!

Have you ever tried the cronut yet? Well you have to try it at least once!
And Bronuts Cronuts is a good place to start!

Found a voucher for their stall in SM Megamall from Ensogo one time and I bought a few.

So I went and tried some with my brother Bingo. :)

My brother hates it when I take photos of him. And that's why I take photos of him even more. XD

Bronuts sells cronuts at 110 each. Quite expensive but it's worth it. 
The cronut is huge compared to a regular J.Co or Krispy Kreme donut.
And if you get 6 pcs, you get a discount. :)
As for the taste, well it's really up to you to decide.

The first time I bought cronuts, I got three different kinds.
I got the Belgian Chocolate with Salted Caramel, Cream Cheese and Bacon, and Hijo de Leche.
Each cronut has the same croissant donut but only differs in the filling, topping, and "sprinkles" as I call 'em.

The Belgian Chocolate cronut has a salted caramel filling, belgian chocolate topping and toffee sprinkles. It was okay. The it didn't blow me away or anything. The chocolate tasted good with the caramel and toffee, but it was just sweet on sweet on sweet.

The Cream Cheese and Bacon cronut has sour cream filling, cream cheese topping, and pork floss and chives sprinkles. It didn't agree with me. haha I was expecting to really like the taste of bacon on a donut but this cronut was a waste of money. The bacon was too salty, the sour cream was too sour, the cream cheese was sour too. Oh well

Last one I tried was Hijo de Leche cronut. It has a yema filling, buttercream topping, and cheddar cheese and muscovado sugar sprinkles. Now this cronut was awesomesauce. The yema filling was sweet along with the muscovado sugar, but the cheese and the buttercream topping countered that sweetness and made everything perfect. It was even better when we toasted it a few minutes before eating it and the buttercream was a little melted. Buttery and Cheesy! Absolutely delish!

After trying out all three, I loved Hijo de Leche the most and it's why I kept coming back to get more.

Upper Ground Floor,
Building A, SM Mega Mall,
Ortigas, Mandaluyong City

Explorers: +Renz Pagulayan +Ana Carla Pagulayan
Visited: December 6, 2014