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Review: They're Real Eye Cosmetics: Mascara, Gel Liner and Eye Makeup Remover

The November BDJ Box is filled with a bunch of cosmetics from Benefit. The box I got includes a sort of set of They're Real Eye Cosmetics. Here's a review of the three products I received:
They're Real Mascara, Gel Liner and Eye Makeup Remover.

I never really used any eye make up aside from eye shadows so this is a new experience for me to try the mascara and the gel push up liner.

The Gel Liner was a bit hard to use at first. I had to squeeze the container pretty hard for the gel to come out. But once the gel was out it was okay to draw a line with. The line was pretty thick once drawn on my eyelid. But again, I'm not an expert on how to use this. Once on, the line stayed pretty long even after sleeping through 9 hours.

The Push up liner container

This is a close up on my left eye with the liner on

The liner wasn't that obvious from afar
Just a minor problem with the container, is that if you squeeze too much the gel liner will just burst out.

The Mascara is another story. The liquid inside was very thick and it already looks clumpy. Immediately after applying some swipes on my eyelashes, my lashes clumped together. They did look thicker tho. But god the clumps were hard to get rid of. Am I not using it properly?

The mascara brush with lumpy mascara on the end

Close up on my clumped up eye lashes, after applying the mascara

Do you notice the clumped up lashes from here?

The makeup remover is a thin white cream that I applied on a piece of tissue to use. Just a small amount on the tissue can remove the eye make up thoroughly. Carla used eye make up remover! It's super effective!!

Overall, I find that both the mascara and the gel liner were hard to use, but once applied works as advertised. Just needs a few improvements. Probably need a less lumpy solution for the mascara? Maybe get a better form of packaging for the liner?

The makeup remover works brilliantly. You really need to get it if you're getting waterproof gel liners and mascaras like these.

Am I going to buy these? Probably not. :)

Thanks for the sample tho +Benefit Cosmetics