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Princess Hazel Nail Salon and Spa - Review

Today I got my first ever manicure and pedicure at a salon.
It was done by a Nail Technician in under an hour.
I hate it more than I like it. gaaah

Today, we went to the Princess Hazel Salon and Spa at Pacific Century Tower along Quezon Avenue.
We have been planning to go to that place for months now.
I was initially given the idea of getting a manicure and pedicure here because of Sample Room.
For 90 sample room points and 100 pesos shipping, I can get a manicure and pedicure from the said salon that is worth 450 pesos normally.
When I saw this deal I was ecstatic. Coz the price is way less than the regular fee.

The place is cute. It has a royal theme. There's purple, gold and blue colors everywhere. And a Red carpet on the floor too. And the staff is very friendly. The hour passed by quickly thanks to them.
You can choose from a variety of nail polish colors and you can also choose to add glitter to the nail polish. I chose purple nail polish and purple glitters. hahaha

The place is relatively far. It's far from my house at least.
And it's not worth the time to get there to do the entire procedure.
The process took an hour!
We went to the shop before going to work, and if it took any longer we'd be late.
It's best to go here when you have lots of time to kill.
Also for the regular price of 450 pesos it's so reaally worth it.
I'd rather do it myself.

Overall, if you live in QC or in the nearby area as the salon it's an interesting place to try.

But here's the thing, I hated the entire process of getting a manicure and pedicure.
You're just sitting there doing nothing.
You can't play on your phone coz you can't use your hands.
The Nail Technician will cut up the sides of your fingers and toes! It hurts! And they say it's normal!
Just while sitting at the shop, when the nail polish should have dried already, I accidentally destroy it.

So yah, Im never getting a mani/pedi ever again!


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